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Narita Anime Deck

2019.11.28 OPEN!

Level 2 Central Building, Terminal 2, Narita International Airport

What’s Narita Anime Deck?

What’s Narita Anime Deck?

At the sky gateway, on level 2 of the Central Building of Terminal 2, Narita International Airport, Narita Anime Deck will open. It is a new style entertainment facility complex where you can experience and enjoy Japanese animation culture and characters which Japan can show off to the world, in various forms such as character goods, foods, events and photo spots.

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Character Goods Shop

The shop offers a full array of products from widely popular anime and games from classics to high-profile. It also plans the advanced sale of products and plans to develop limited edition items.

Eat-in Restaurants

Eat-in Restaurants

Fun-looking collaboration menu items with a wide variety of delicatessen restaurants ― the torii gate in the shop takes you to a different world.

Entertainment Cafe

Entertainment Cafe

Pretty maid waitresses will welcome you. Anime collaboration menu items and Cool Japan’s Omotenashi services will make you relaxed and make all the difference to your trip.

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Anime Tourism Information
Zeroban Fudasho (the first pilgrimage site)

The tourism information will introduce an anime pilgrimage in Japan, starting from the Zeroban Fudasho in Narita International Airport. You can find the “Japanese Anime 88-Spots” selected and promoted officially by the Japan Anime Tourism Association.

Japan Anime Tourism Association’s official website

Kyushu Anime Deck

A sister shop opened on level 3 of “SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto”, a large-scale commercial facility in Kumamoto. Visit there, if you cannot wait for the opening of Narita Anime Deck!

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What’s New & Campaigns

The latest news of Narita Anime Deck is available on Twitter! It also plans to offer campaigns where you can win great prizes.
Bookmark the website or follow us on Twitter and wait for the update.

Narita Anime Deck’s official twitter

Narita Anime Deck Narita Anime Deck’s official twitter



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