Narita Anime Deck



FAQ and Shop Inquiries


Can I pay with credit cards or other prepaid cards?

The following cards can be used.
Credit cards:JCB, VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay
Prepaid cards: Rakuen Edy, Suica, PASMO, WAON, nanaco

Character Goods Shop

I want to check if you have a certain product in stock.

We are unable to handle individual questions about product availability or reserving products via the website.

The product I bought was broken, so I want to exchange it.

Replacement of defective products will be handled by the manufacturer. Please make an inquiry using the contact information on the product packaging.

Can I return a product I bought?

As a general rule we do not accept returns based on arbitrary reasons.

Restaurants & Cafe

Do you have menus in languages other than Japanese?

We have menus available in English, Chinese, and Korean.

I have food allergies. Can you provide food for me?

We are unable to specially prepare meals that exclude certain ingredients. Please check the menu and confirm directly with staff when ordering.

Do you accept reservations?

We are not currently accepting reservations.

Do you have smoking and non-smoking sections?

We do not offer a smoking section. Please use the designated smoking areas elsewhere in the airport.

Can I dine together with my pet?

Service dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, assistance dogs) are welcome, but we do not allow other pets.

I have a lot of luggage. Can I enter the restaurant?

If you have enough space around your table, you can put your luggage there. We do not offer storage, so please safeguard your own bags from theft.